The Rochielin brand was officially born in 2016, as a way for Rochelle to document her natural hair journey and provide a safe space for young women going through the same transitioning period. Over the last four years the Rochielin brand has grown beyond haircare into a full lifestyle package. It is now a place where she shares her hobbies, promotes local & international businesses, and highlights Jamaica’s rich culture and beauty, while still maintaining the authentic and humble energy that first brought her community together. Rochielin has developed numerous Youtube projects, such as a virtual home tour series, geared towards helping renters and home buyers find their ideal home, tutorials & teaching sessions around social media and content creation strategies, specific content  centered around her partnerships with brands, home DIY projects, room transformation projects and the highly-requested adventure country-vlog series that showcases Jamaica’s rich culture, people, places  and activities; in an entertaining yet informative way. 

The objective: To educate through entertainment #edutainment

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Hi I’m Rochelle, a proud Jamaican Entrepreneur, Youtuber, World Explorer and Nine-To-Fiver. Most days I zoom from meetings to meetings, before coming home to start working on content for my dedicated social media community (FAMIELIN). Things are kind of hectic now but I am extremely grateful, because it didn’t always start out this way. 

Seven years ago I was a completely different person, full of insecurities and anxiety. For a long time I had been teased for the darkness of my skin and my thick hair, that no hairdresser or stylist ever seemed to want to comb.

I had spent countless years of my life applying harsh chemicals to my hair and wearing clothes that often times “hide” my skin and complexion. By 2014, I had become exhausted with constantly processing and straightening my hair which ultimately damaged it so I decided to try something new . I CUT IT ALL OFF! I wanted a fresh start, to re-discover my hair and also myself.

As I discovered natural ways to care for my hair, I began to accept myself and  developed a new love for all the things that made me different when I was younger. After a few weeks  of trying all the natural hair remedies I could find, I launched my Youtube channel as a way to document my journey, push past my fears and also to help other young women who were struggling like I was.  The channel had a slow start but I wasn’t deterred as it was more part of my personal journey to overcome my insecurities, and support other women. 

My Youtube channel pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to explore different types of content. It  was a major influence in the launch of my first business ‘Faux Locs by Rochielin’, where I provided affordable loc installations  as a protective styling for women  and men alike. I also provided free tutorials through my channel, for those that could not afford the service or the “do it yourselfers”.

Through the years, I’ve tried many things, discovered many things about my self and accepted me for me. 

Fast Forward to 2021 where i’m perceived to be a strong, confident, black and proud woman, which I truly am. It didn’t start out that way and i’m happy for the growth. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Through these YouTube videos, I hope to inspire other girls  and boys struggling with insecurities. Take it from me- It’s going to be ok. You are who you are and there’s no-one like you!

I hope to motivate, educate, share my journey around Jamaica and around the world, learn together &  entertain.

The content is wide so there’s lots to chose from! 

I’m extremely happy for the growth of the Rochielin brand. At the end of 2020, we closed the year with a total of  28,000+ highly engaged and loyal Youtube subscriber base as well as 6900+ Instagram followers built on learning, love, community and endless adventures.

The story is still being written so follow along the journey to learn more and be inspired!

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Lets Go, Lets Go, Lets Goooo!            

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